Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recap on Bunny Shoot

I was very pleased with the Bunny Shoot on Sunday. We had a great turn out.
We had 32 kids during the session and when I got home I had 4 more, my nieces and nephew who couldn't make it during the day.
I think everyone really appreciated the mini session. This way it didn't tie up the majority of their day and the kids didn't lose interest in what was going on. Each session was about 10 minutes each and they ended up with several photo choices. I didn't see any of the photos until everything was done. And they are all so stinking cute!
I was also very pleased to have so many Daddys come. Normally I don't meet Daddys unless it's a family shoot, so I was excited to have them come.

Everyone kids were dressed up in their best. There was such a wide variety..... from lil girls with bows, painted nails and jewelry to lil boys with there ties and sweater vests. The siblings in their matching outfits. It was all too cute! I had lots of kids that I have shoot before and several new kids that I feel in love with and hope to do more sessions with them in the future.
Everyone loved the bunnies. Some kids kinda loved them too much, squeezing them and handling them like a rag doll. hahah. But I am proud to say 'No Bunnies were injured in the process of the Bunny Shoot!' I however sustained a few minor injuries hahah. When we were moving the cement bench I smashed my finger in between the leg and top...OUCH!! I couldn't feel it the whole day and it is still numb but did not bruise... hmm. I also had a few bunny scratches I noticed at the end of the day...nothing major.

My nieces & nephew named them during their session. I was very close to keeping the bunny in the middle. So I could carry him around in a lil purse...hahah. He was the sweetest thing ever. And his lil ears flop down and he was so calm. Some kids didn't even realize he was in their lap.
Here are the stars!! Jumpy, Reese's & Snow
I would've have been lost with out Emily & Taylor. They were my helpers for the day.
Emily helped with the orders and proofing inside while I was shooting outside. We had 3 laptops set up inside for proofing. And the majority of the day the were all being used and sometimes being waited on. The early part of the day was hectic with that, but we got the hang of it later. Emily had the schedule with her too and was excited that I blocked out time for us to eat lunch, BUT we never had the chance to get it. I did make it up to her later at an early dinner later lunch. Emily got a kick out of all the children too, some she just fell in love with! I think she's real excited to help me my other things like this too!

Taylor was my right hand outside. Wrangling up runaway bunnies. Making sure the kids and bunnies didn't fall on their heads. I can only see what's in the camera, so she was my outside eyes.
I'm so glad they both helped me, I couldn't have done it without them.

This was my display inside where everyone ordered. It looks like a tribute to Maci...hahah

Emily was exhausted at the end of the day!

Here's a quick sneak peek of the shoot. It was very hard for me to pick just one!! They were all soooo cute. So I just randomly picked one. I am still working on them, but there will be more to show later!

Thank you to all who came. It was lots of fun for me and hopefully everyone else too! And would LOVE to hear your ideas that you might like for future Specials!

Also If you are missing a sippy cup or teether...I have it.

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