Saturday, March 8, 2008


I was awaken this morning with a loud "HEY COME SEE THE SNOW BEFORE IT MELTS!" from my dad.

So I jumped up and look out the window. Expecting to see a light white soft sheet of snow flurries barely covering the ground -Nothing major I mean I know where I live! I look out the window and see nothing....hmm why was I woken?? So I hear my mom ask what she is looking for ...I was wondering the same.... then He says Come look on the hood of your truck. So out to the driveway we go to see the snow. Here it is!! I'm surprised that my hood didn't cave in from the massive amount of snow!! hahahah

It actually is pretty cool to see any kinds of snow here, its not something that we are used to. It snowed at my sisters house last night and she sent me the pics of their 5 minutes worth of flurries. you could really tell it was snowing too!

I just hope its not too cold tonight! I'm going to pick up the bunnies for tomorrow's Photo Shoot and don't want them to freeze tonight.

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