Monday, March 17, 2008

Bunny Shoot Photos YAY


Addyson & Brynlee- They were the first ones of the morning and it was a lil chilly during their session but they didn't seem to mind cause they loved the bunnies so much. Addyson was a natural in front of the camera Posing for me every chance she got. It was too Cute! And they looked adorable in their matching dresses and bows.

Isabella kinda didn't know what to think about the bunny, but we got some sweet pics out of her session.

Isabella DID NOT want another session with her cousins. For some reason I thought that a few of her pics might look like she was laughing....hahah till I saw her crocodile tear filled eyes. But I still love pouty pics and cry baby pics!

Kevin & Carson - Had alot of fun during the shoot. We did individual shoots for them and a few together. This one I thought was really good of the 2 of them. Carson looks just as big as Kevin!

Miss Victoria-I have taken her pics before and knew she was a doll. She has the prettiest eyes and THE biggest Dimples! I could have taken 1 pic of her and knew it would've been great! All of them were adorable.

Lil Wyatt- What a cutie. His mom let me know the day before that he had fallen and had some boo boos on his face. But that wasn't a big deal, I cleaned him up! He was such a lil sweetie during the whole session.

Miss Levlyn - This was the first time I meet Miss Levlyn even though I've known her mommy for years. Wait a cutie she is and looks just like her mommy. She was so excited about the bunnies and didn't want to leave them.

Jordyn- Is always so such a doll! What a lil beauty!

Patrick and his new lil sister Rylee. Who looks just like her daddy!

Gavin & Gracyn - These kids were so energetic it was very refreshing! Gavin walked up to me and said "Do you like my tie?" I thought that was the cutest thing ever. They laughed almost their whole session which which was great for the photos! Their Mommy told me they haven't stopped talking about the bunnies! I'm glad they had fun & they looked so cute!

Ashton, Tanner & Cole- Its so fun to shoot lil boys and I had 3 here! And they were soooo full of life! Laughing about the bunnies and Cole just wanted to love his bunny!

Miss Katelyn - She had the BIGGEST BLUEST eyes I've ever seen! And she was absolutely hilarious with the bunny. It was like her own lil baby. A lot of her pics are in the 'Funny Bunny' slide show at the bottom.

Mr. Dylan - We sat him on the ground cause he just started to sit up and I didn't want him to fall off the bench. It turned out really cute and at one point he had all the bunnies in his lap.Lil Miss Lillian - She looks like a lil angel in this photo, but hers were some of THE funniest I saw! Here is one of the funniest!!! Notice the bunny in a choke hold. I wonder if Lillian is going to grow up to be a wrestler!! hahah She really is a sweetie, I think she just really loved the Bunny!

Veronica, Will & Faith - They were very amused by the bunnies! Miss Veronica walked up to me and in the most proper voice said " Oh these Bunnies are BEAUTIFUL!". Then Will was holding his bunny on his shoulder and it jumped away in the flower bed and she said "OH NO Will - What are you gonna do now?" They were too sweet!!

Mr. Preston- is always such a lil man! He is the cutest!

Miss Annabella- Really loved the bunny too. She was also one of the ones that treated it like her own lil doll! She was funny. I was laughing during most of her shots!
Mia- Such a lil doll!

Allison- She didn't want anything to do with the bunny! So I took it off of her and started taking pics and she was fine. After a minute I gently sat the bunny on her lap and she didn't notice till right towards the end. This was the last pic I took of her and she finally touched it! She had more fun with the eggs!

Lil Miss Kaylynn- She didn't have a session scheduled but was with Allison. Her Grandma asked me if I could fit her in. It worked out great cause Allison was the last one for the day. So she ran to the store and bought her a cutie dress. I didn't plan on having a baby who couldn't sit up, but did have a basket she could fit in! it worked out really cute!

Keep your eye on the bunnies for most of these Photos! No bunnies were hurt! :)

After the bunny shoot- My nieces and nephew came over to get their bunny pics done! Emma wanted to have NO part of the Bunnies! We tried several ways with the other kids, sitting her in a basket with them in it. EVERYTHING! Finally we gave up on the Bunnies.
This was the one we picked of Emma and the chick (not Bunny) hahah.
Once it was really dark and they were about to leave - I said "Emma you wanna go see the bunnies?" So we walked out to see them and once I realized she was fine with them I let her hold one. Then she started hugging it and loving on it. So we went inside to show her mommy how much she loved the bunny when the camera wasn't around. She ended up giving the bunny about 5 kisses, but when I was taking her pictures she was picking them up and throwing them to get them off of her. haha figures!

I had so much fun with everyone. I think all the pics are so sweet and some so funny. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do!

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