Sunday, March 13, 2016

03.13 flood update

God is good all the time!!

The river crested at 36.09!! It would have flooded myhouse at the estimated 38. And has already gone down a couple of inches since I was here at 7:30am and this afternoon. Thank you for the prayers they clearly worked!! I can get to my house from my neighbors yards but it might be a while before I can drive to my house.

I'm very thankful to everyone who checked on me, helped, etc, also thankful that I had time to prepare  even though it didn't flood. And since the river has never been up that high since I've been there I now know what my house will flood at.

This is my front porch this afternoon after the river crested

I pulled out a laptop to post some pics, then pulled out my computer cause it was slow! lol

I have my bed set up at my uncles house and now a computer lol

so this will be the pics throughout the weekend and possibly not in order, but I'll explain

to the left is past flood claims/ right is historic crests

Which at 38 ft which what it dropped to yest morning, would have flooded my house.

this is what I woke up to Saturday morning, at 6:30 it rose wayyyy fast!!!
my neighbor woke me up , he knocked on my door and it set off my alarm which it's never done before. I had to move my car and drive through the water before I got trapped in.

I've never seen the water this high since I've been here

this is my studio. We got everything out Friday night.

this is my always junky extra bedroom aka craft room  this is gonna be a nightmare to get undone.. Junky Jenga
 this is my dining room

 my bedroom, which got cleared out yest morning after the water was up
this is my uncle going through with my bedroom furniture, my daddy also did this 

this is me and Mr.Big clearing out around 11am sat

this is throughout the day sat

my mailbox throughout the day

the original flood crest , after it had dropped from 39

and this is this evening after it crested

It is gonna take a good bit to get my house back in order and my studio back in. But it'll get there

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