Saturday, March 12, 2016


Still praying for the river to go down. It's to my steps now. It's at 35 feet now and expected to crest at 38. This morning I was woke up by my neighbor at 6:30 am to tell me get my truck out or I'd be stuck. He set off my alarm by knocking on my door. Which has never happened before but God's way of saying get up!! We were originally gonna pack up my bedroom at 8am and have plenty of time, but the river was early lol. So we started then. My daddy and Uncle drove through the water to get my bedroom out. My clothes are in the attic cause everything is up high and stacked up. My appliances didn't make it out, but there's a reason I pay tremendously for Flood Insurance to live there. I'm very thankful that I could prepare for this but it's still upsetting.  And still praying that the forecast is overshot or the river goes down. And I'm very thankful to those who helped me and offered. And will probably take y'all up on that on the cleanup cause, even if it doesn't flood it's a disaster inside. Lol

My phone isn't letting me post pics to the blog. But I just left my house and it's covered the second step now from 2 hours before

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