Friday, January 20, 2012


So this week I went to the Professional Photographer convention. It was fabulous and super close....New Orleans!!

I brought Shanna from Baby Eliza Boutique! 1~ to keep me company, 2~ cause she's so dang creative too I figured there might be some stuff she would want to see too!
And the more I thought it... she's a customer so she gave me lots of input from a customer stand point!

I got so many ideas for new products and things... my brain still is kinda on overload!

I got lots of great things too, new backdrops and props and stuff. When I checked out the hotel I'm sure the bellman was hating his job with all the bags he had to load in my truck ! lol

So when I got back home I started working on all kinds of new things. And honestly today has felt like Monday hahah. And geez if January is any indication of how fast the year is gonna fly by, I better hold on tight!

So if you wondering why I haven't posted the specials yet... I'm on creative overload! hahah So I'll start tomorrow.... but ***spoiler alert***.... Its gonna be Bunny Shoot! hahah

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