Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Following Blogs Easy

This is an easy way to follow blogs without saving them in your favorites and never checking them again. Or wishing you had seen a Blog post days earlier. Or checking them, to see that nothing has been updated.

I personally follow alot of blogs. Decorating blogs, Some photography blogs, My friends Blogs, Celeb Gossip and some just plain funny ones! I got tired of checking them and nothing being updated. Then I figured out this whole RSS feed thing and it's great! I'm sure more than one of you already know how to do this, but I have shown several of my friends this lately and I thought I'd share a quick tutorial. ahhh I feel like such the little teacher! lol

This may not be the technical way to do it, but this is how I get by! lol

This follows blogs from your computer, not from email.

1- On your tool bar there is a RSS Feed Symbol. Click it, if it's orange. If it's grey, you can't subscribe.


2~ It will show the the feed options available. I always click RSS but some sites only have Atom but I really don't know the difference. lol


3~ Subscribe to the Feed



4~ Click on your Feeds next to your Favorites tab. It shows you what all you subscribe to. When the blog is updated it will appear in BOLD and you now know to check it!


Notes ~
Some blogs are disguised as a website, but if the RSS Feed Symbol is orange on your tool bar then you can subscribe.

ALL new subscriptions will be BOLD until you click them the first time, after that they will only be BOLD when the Blog is updated.

When you subscribe they just show the posts, so it will look a lil different then the actual blog, without the background, links and other things. The top will have the option to go to the Blog though.

Also at the bottom right of your feed page you can click on Feed Properties to change the schedule for your computer to check your feeds. Daily, hourly, etc.

Hoped this helped.

Class Dismissed


Jamie said...

Thanks honey! I did this for the first time like 3 days ago! LOL

Shannon D said...

Thanks so much! I had the same problem, never remembering to go check a blog or getting the info too late! You ROCK!