Monday, April 13, 2009


Hope everyone had a GREAT Easter! My Easter is always filled with tons of children, tons of eggs and tons of fun!! I have a fairly big family, so we tend to have a pretty fun egg hunt! We hide hundreds and hundreds of eggs, the kids always have a good time!This year as part of the hunt, my uncle bought some chicks for the kids to catch. lol They all loved it!Especially Emma! She's giving her chick chick some loving! awwMe & Emma, which is about the only time I'll tell a kid to give the camera a mean look. hahahh This is actually a watered down version of her mean face. LOLIn all of that huge Bunny Blog post I forgot to share ALLLL the tiles I made. Half way through I was thinking to myself why did I say I'd make all these tiles hahah but I'm glad I did cause I think they came out great! And everyone seemed to enjoy them! They are one of my favorite things.
I also forgot lil Miss Reese in the Bunny Blog post. Poor Neglected Reesie Piecee. She was sweet with the lil bunnies and let them love her! Having a conversation with her bunny friends!

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Jamie said...

You are so Funny! Thanks Jamie! When you want us she is now almost 7 months. LOL