Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Shopping 06/29 ~ for the love of gold!

I have been posting a lot of things to buy for kiddos in recent blogs, and everyone has liked it. So on Sundays I'm gonna start doing a shopping segment! Maybe every Sunday, maybe some! But I've been finding so many cute things I wanna share , so here's the start :D

so today is Lola & Darla ~ sparkly cutesy shirts

In kiddo and matching mommy sizes!


There's lots of other sayings, most sparkle related! lol

And I may or may not have ordered myself a Sparkle Queen shirt!! OK OK I DID!! lol

they also have this super cute necklace!

I also found some coordinating things on etsy

Blush Sequin Shorts

and this headband!! Which I ordered one for the headpiece pile I have!

 I'm kinda obsessed with gold right now!

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2014, if you catch me skipping a day win a$500 Gift Certificate!!

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