Saturday, June 28, 2014

Price is Right 2

So we went to the Price is Right Live stage show at the paragon yest!! and it was sooo much FUN!!

My grandma love the price is right so much! So it was a exciting to me to just get my name tag!!

So they played it just like the show, except the people in contestants row were new every round, so it gave more people the opportunity to get called!!

Well one of our girls got called up to contestant row!! And she won her item and got to play PLINKO!!!!  We were sooo excited!!

She won $800 on plinko and her mixer from contestants row and her prizes to get her plinko chips to play! So she really racked up!

so even though I didn't get called up to "come on down" I still got to spin the wheel for fun!!

I know my grandma was super excited to watch down on me at the price is right!!

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