Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the REST of the year.....

EVERYTHING you need to know about sessions and specials for the rest of the year is right here..... well its almost gonna be everything the packages not just yet but I'll add those later.... but dates and themes and blah blah blah

Pay attention class! lol


September 24th is Earth Angel .... I am currently booking for that and do have a few spots available.....

Beautiful for Christmas Cards..


all the info is right HERE


Family Field is October 15th & 16th {Saturday & Sunday}

I have decided to pull the old truck around for Family Field.... But it prob won't be posing IN the truck but the truck will just be background. I might actually get another truck instead of mine.... I'm going to look at it soon, to see if it's junky enough lol... kidding well kinda. But I know lots have had pics with my truck so maybe wanted another color. I will definitely keep ya'll posted on that ... but either one should be neutral enough to pick out any outfits.... the blue truck seriously goes with everything!


I will start booking very soon Prob next week


There are VERY limited days in November because of 2 weekends of speicals, Thanksgiving and I'm going to Disney World! lol So if you need a regular session for Birthday invites, 3mo, 6mo, 9mo...or your own session for Christmas cards then we need to go ahead and book it. Cause I really only have a few days to do reg sessions.

ANY orders need to be be placed before BY NOVEMBER 16th for anything you want before Christmas!

I will be not shooting anything after Novemeber 16th unless you have an umblical cord! lol


the unveiling of the surprise Christmas


da da da dummmmmmmm <---- that's my drumrollllll

I have known since last Christmas what my surprise Christmas was gonna be.... but how much funner has it been cause its top secret! lol

And even though the actual set will be secret like almost always.... I will fill ya'll in more.....

1st~ It's gonna be BRIGHT
2nd~ It's gonna be FUN
3rd~ It's gonna be FABULOUS!!!!!

part Christmas, part Candy Shoppe, and a lil piece of Tiger Rock (that part might confuse you lol) and a dash of fabulousness, toys, candy and you gettttttttt............



So what kind of children's photographer names a Fun Fun Christmas Special after a depressing song that comes from the movie "The Best lil whore house in Texas" ?

Your Photographer does! hahahah

you know I thought about something with the word Bright, or like Christmas candyland, or some kinda workshop something or blah blah blah....

But My absolute FAVORITE Christmas song is Hard Candy Christmas, it's actually one of my all time favorite songs of all time. you may catch me singing it in July! Ask my nieces! lol

So there you go lol

Hard Candy Christmas will be

Nov 5th & 6th.

It may be one of my favorites for the year! And I might actually add the Friday also, but will decide closer.

Here's a concept....


it should be lots of fun....

And this will give you an idea of outfits...

I think that Christmas pajamas will be soooo stinking cute with this!

this will be a less traditional Christmas option

And in case your kids don't like Santa hahah


But If they do like Santa! Like I do!!

then he will be here.......

November 12th & 13th.

that will be the only weekend he will be here.

It won't be the exact same set up as last year but prob alot of the same colors. Very Glitzy Traditional.



The ONLY thing I shoot in December is newborns under 2 weeks.

About NEWBORNS in November & December

I always make a newborn a priority to fit in. But November and December will be a lil trickier since I just won't have enough time for everything. There will be lots of days I just won't be here. It will be super super important to call me as soon as the baby gets here or if you know before hand that you'll be induced. I always like to have a baby before they are 2 weeks old. So if you call me when the baby is a week and a half old and I'm gone for a week then you're baby gets older and stronger and more awake and it's Christmas, then it may not happen. I just can't be as flexible in November and December. Because not only will there be limited time, I will also have to make a gillion Christmas cards! lol BUT if I know as soon as possible I will put that baby in somewhere even if it's 9pm lol.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO........... that's the year wrap up!!
I will prob think of something later that I didn't add but will update if necessary!

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