Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mr. BIG is A OK

I've had a pretty less than stable day today....

I spent all day at vets today only for BIG to have an emergency surgery tonight.

He ate something he wasn't supposed to, that got lodged in his small intestine, that had to removed right away.

About 10 mins ago my blog was gonna be to please pray for my baby boy, but I just talked to the Dr. and he is starting to wake up and he'll be ok! WHEW..... I was just about to hit the panic mode and was already starting to get nauseated since it was after 8pm and I hadn't heard anything.

But my lil buddy is A OK!

Thank you for the prayers for those of you who knew before.

And for anybody who I need to call back, it'll prob be tom evening. :D

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