Monday, May 16, 2011

About Scheduling

here's some things you might wanna know about scheduling your upcoming appointments.... :D

This summer I am taking some lil breaks. Especially in July. Most of July I will not shoot, I will be revamping some stuff, maintenance on my equipment, etc, etc. So even if you are my bestest customer and you have newborn triplet babies, there will be some days in July that I just can not shoot cause I won't be able to lol. So if you are having a baby in July I need to know asap, it'll just taking a lil extra planning lol.

So if you know when you want to do pics... 3mo, 6 mo, 1 yr etc... let's go ahead and book them instead of the week before lol Cause with me blocking off extra days it just pushes booking back further. And I don't wanna miss any cutie pies!

Also keep in mind that if you are doing Birthday invites, that they take about a month to come in. So we need to do your shoot at least of a month before you need to send them out.

Vintage Lemonade will be July 23rd.


I like to have newborns before they are 2 weeks old. They are very squishy and sleepy and easy to manage lol. I squeeze babies in around other sessions, so please call me as soon as possible. Cause if you call at 2 weeks old then its harder for me to find a spot so soon. Also if you know when you will be induced then we can go ahead and set it up.


Posh Pets is this weekend and I have a few spots still :D

And I'm also booking for Using your Photos on the web
Candy Shoppe


the blogging everyday is STILL going on. I know that last week it looked like I missed a post. But blogger was having difficulties and hide something I already blogged. It was all very confusing but they fixed it :D

Using your Photos on the web

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2011,if you catch me skipping a day win a
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