Monday, April 18, 2011

Gia Bug!

This lil session was lots of fun! Lil Gia came for her 1 year pics!

I got this lil priss pot all dressed up to go out to RAINBOW JUNK in some of my new fluff!!

When we got out there I saw her mom brought a Blue cat that matched perfect! So we decided to use it!

AND how perfect does this look!

Her Aunt also made the quilt that she's standing on!


So as it turns out the cat has a special meaning for them cause they know the artist of Pete the Cat ,James Dean.

ANNNNDDD lil Miss Gia's grandmother has an Art Gallery in New Orleans with all his stuff!

Gia's mommy sent me pics of Gia's Gallery wrap hanging in the gallery!

How cool is it that I can say one of my pics is in a gallery! hehehe

I MUST go to the Gallery next time I'm in New Orleans, it looks like something I'd LOVE!!



I just wanted to share cause I love it when pics really mean something. With the quilt & Pete & and that cutie pie , I feel like it just all comes together in so many ways lol.

I'll post the rest of her Bday pics tom, so this isn't too lengthy! lol They are some of my FAVORITE invites yet!!

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