Friday, August 19, 2016

one week

its been one week since I left my house.

and today we really started working on it and worked our butts off on it.

I could not imagine if all my stuff was in it. And I'm so thankful my BFFL is going thru my trailers and has been since Monday seeing what she can salvage.

There's biscuits in my office, living room. Mayo in the top of my hall closet. It's truly unbelievable how much water moves things.  But then there's 2 things sitting on my stove where I left it!

I have a flight of stairs in my backyard for pics, that's just gone!! Where the heck did it go???? lol

so this is me touching the water line yest! No normally I wouldn't post a non makeup pic, but hey this is me for the next few weeks or so lol 

we made a lot of progress today but so much more to do

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