Tuesday, May 10, 2016

get your tail over here...

for Mermaid Dreams!

Originally I was gonna do this on Sunday May22nd and open it open on blog tomorrow.

But now I have decided I will also do it all that week in the evenings. May 22nd-27th

and since this one is gonna be different from other Mini Sessions, for a few reasons below... I'm gonna have everyone call me for their appointment.

This will be age specific. I will have to put a put a mermaid tail on your child. So this would not be ideal for a 2 year old. And some 3 year olds. I can do smaller babies, from the ages of 4mo-9mo. So basically at least tummy time, but not walking lol.

I realize that every 2yr old is different and know some will cooperate. lol  You know your child better than me, but realize that not only will they have to sit still :D, they'll be confined to a tail hahaha and it is a lil challenging lol

The other different thing about this mini session is.... is it's not here at my house. And requires a lil effort to get out there haha

and depending on the time of your shoot, you may have to come back to order pics.

So I'll consider this open and once I talk to you I let you do you deposit online :D

the tails

this one is for infants


the one in sample pics is for around 5years old

this one is for around 8-10

update~ I'm gonna add a mommy tail! For mommy and me mermaid pics... and I pirate boy option for siblings

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