Friday, January 1, 2016

blogging in 2016

Happy Happy New Year fabulous people!!! Thanks for making 2015 wonderful!

Time to hold me accountable!!

in 2016 I will BLOG EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

well hopefully lol cause I almost forgot today and just decided to do it yesterday lol

but I do like every single session to have a blog and this gives me the motivation to make sure I do it!!

soooo if you catch me not blogging the first person to CALL me will win a
$500 Jamie LeJeune Photography Gift Certificate!

 It could take 6 months, it could be tomorrow hahah! But if you catch me, call me and you'll get a gift certificate.

I have done this in 2011 and 2014 and someone has won both times.

in 2014 one person text one called. and I ended up giving away 2 gift certificates.

However this year it will be the first one to CALL ME!! I promise when I skip the blog I will be waiting up for a call lol. AND if I really forget to blog I'll probably be up anyway. So you can call me at 12:00 AM lol

So as part of my New Year's resolutions is DAILY BLOGGING!!!! YEP! EVERYDAY! lol. So I'll be catching up on some old ones, and have lots of new things coming. And I'll be posting the years specials prob before Feburary

if you have a past session that didn't make it to the blog, tet me and I'll get it up :D

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