Sunday, October 4, 2015

about booking tonight...


Family Field

Hard Candy Christmas (with Santa option)

S'mores Christmas

and SANTA opens tonight here on blog at exactly 7pm

if you haven't booked before, it is very easy just pick your session, your time and check out.

when you book
you are booking correct session, day and time! I can not change it after.

you can put a multiple sessions in your cart and check out at one time.

Each spot will stay in your basket for about 7mins. So you can pick each of your session, then check out once.

so if you are doing all 4, it's just one checkout :D

also if you accidentally click wrong time.... unclick it before you check out :D

Extended family..... (Cousins)

all mini sessions are designed for immediate family. So if you book your session for cousins, the entire session will be cousins. However if you want shots of each family and also cousins, please book back to back sessions :D

all mini session info is here

its easy easy! so excited about them all!

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