Thursday, October 9, 2014

update on Santa & Winter Wonderland booking

SO just incase you haven't booked in a few months.

The booking site for last few mini sessions have not processed payments.

So A brand spanking new booking site was created and finally finished today. I it seemed great a lot different from before on my end but still easy to book.

I actually had a few people test book their sessions before 7pm to make sure everything worked.

but there were a lot of problems, so I shut down the site. Because lots of sessions were not only getting double booked, but several had 4-6 sessions in each time.

So I have spent alllll night .... from 7pm till now 2:54am untangling the schedule.

The biggest problem was Sunday Nov 2nd Winter Wonderland Santa.

But I have talked to almost everyone who tried to book and got a confirmation for that day. I have like 5 people left  to call on that day.

So I will Say NOV 2nd is BOOKED... it's overbooked.

Pretty Much all of Santa and Nov 1st of Winter Wonderland worked fine, and the few times something was wrong was kinda user error lol. But it was a new site so that's understandable. So I'll be contacting those people tom.

Soooo I have a bunch of voicemails, texts , FB messages and emails. to get back to.


If you have already contacted me and I haven't answered yet. I will. It just got too late tonight to finish. But I am gonna go from the bottom up to those who contacted me first. SO don't think I'm ignoring you and text again cause it'll be one of the last ones I check.... bottom to top lol

so with that being said I think a lot of texts I received are issues that I have already cleared up. But just like if the site would've worked great , at some point it books up lol. Last Year it all booked up in 15mins.

So the order is... clearing up issues of those who booked, then the first ones who contacted me first. so on and on... It'll prob take me all day tom haha Cause I have to do it in between newborn sessions :D

so hopefully everyone will be straight tom :D

I'm also gonna send confirmations to people who didn't have a problem. Just so they know they have a spot :D

ahhh I really just wanted to watch my Wednesday night shows tonight lol

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2014, if you catch me skipping a day win a$500 Gift Certificate!!

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