Thursday, September 18, 2014

Opulent Colour is OPEN

Opulent Colours ~ Sept 28 2014

This will be the only weekend I'll have opulent colour set up :D

 Sept 28th

1 ~ 8 x 10
2 ~ 5 x 7s
3 ~ 4 x 6s
8 wallets

Includes sitting fee for one person.
$10 per additional person in package.
Package includes one pose.
Additional Prints available at a la carte prices.

Session will last 10-15 minutes!

 So this is not super themed, just basically colors... Jewel Tones. One of the main reasons I love doing Peacock Dreams is cause the colors and so Beautiful!  I've been wanting to do a Moroccan themed shoot cause of the colors... but really didn't know how to dress when you label it Moroccan. And both almost limit it to just girls.  So here is Opulent Colours!!

So this will be a beautiful everyday pic that is not super themed.

Outfits that would work~ I feel like you could go dressy or casual with this!

Of Course Jewel Tones, But Bright colors would really pop of the set too!

Whites, Creams, Black, Golds, Silver.

I just think the clothing is unlimited for this! And I know I'll just love the richness of the set!!

Please be sure of your time before you book it, I can not change it afterwards.

There is be a $20 deposit upon booking. The deposit will be applied to your Opulent Colour order. The deposit is non-refundable, no exceptions :D However if something comes up or your child gets sick you can give you spot to a friend :D

book here

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