Monday, September 9, 2013

The Rest of 2013

Candy Shoppe ~
not to be confused with Hard Candy Christmas, but great for Christmas pics too :D

September 28th& 29th

Opens for booking Sept 12th @ 7pm on the blog

Family Field~
October 19th & 20th

Opens for booking Sept 25th @ 7pm on the blog


I will have a booth at Hollydays again this year! YAY

Winter Wonderland ~

November 9th & 10th

Opens for booking Oct 2nd @ 7pm on the blog

Santa  ~

November 16th & 17th

Opens for booking Oct 2nd @ 7pm on the blog

Christmas Deadline is NOW Nov 17th...

To make sure I can finish everyone's Christmas Cards and orders, the deadline is November 17th. So after Santa... that's it for pics for the year. The only thing I shot in December will be newborns.


This is my public service announcement lol
I always feel like if I wasn't a photographer and was a brand new mommy I would have NO idea when to do pics, so this is me trying to spread the word! hahah

I love to have newborns before they are 2 weeks old. They are still fresh and squishy and poseable and sleepy. So in order for me to get you into to that time frame I need to know about the baby as soon as possible :D I have been telling everyone to call me before they leave the hospital.
Oh course if you know prior that you'll be induced we can set it up before :D If you call me when your baby is already 2 weeks old, then that gives me no time to get them in, and If I don't have anything for 2weeks then the baby is creeping out of the age range to get the good squishy pics. I always try to squeeze in a newborn, but sometimes I just can't. So please please please call me as soon as they are born. Time flies, so whether you want me or another photographer to take your newborn pics, please do it when they are teeny tiny, cause you'll never ever get that time back. :D

PSA - over lol

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