Thursday, September 6, 2012

super duper informational junk :D

K ~ I finally feel a lil normal after that Isaac fiasco.
A week off can certainly put a lil damper on keeping up with things lol. I tried to do as much as possible before I evacuated to my mommy and daddy's lol. but ultimately a few things might be slightly delayed. So just be patient with me while I play a lil catch up :D 
I hope everyone weathered the storm good.

sooo my plan the week of Isaac was to rearrange my studio room. Of course since I didn't get electricity till the weekend I crammed it into 2days lol. So I basically turned the whole room into my closet lol so I can see everything.... and the reason I'm sharing is cause I get asked alot if things are mine... Well the answer is YES! cause I'm a  hoarder! lol Well there are prob a few things that you've seen in pics that aren't mine, but I have plenty plenty plenty of stuff for pics :D

so here's a few pics

left~  outfits, rompers, tutus, leg warmers, bloomers, cutesy frilly fluffy junk and like 2 boy things haha

and BELIEVE it or not, I have 43 more rompers coming in... yeah that was NOT a typo lol FORTY THREE. which is why I wanted to be able to see everything.

Right~ headpieces, prob like a gillion or so. I double dog dare you to find something I can't match! lol And I constantly get new ones.

This is kinda just everything else!
So this backdrop storage pics probably won't excite you BUT I added it, to show all the pettiskirts at the top and newborn hats on the right.
AND finally this is what it looks like a day and a half later, after 4 newborns lol. a hot mess! lol Which is kinda how it'll always look cause I pull out so much stuff for sessions. lol
Is it fair for me to blame this on innocent lil sleeping babies? heheh

so on to other things.... like the rest of the year...

September ~ Peacock Dreams...

September 22nd.

I will open this for booking Sunday sept 9th @ 7pm here on the blog.

I can dress kiddos :D and this will be stunning for Christmas cards.

Peacock Dreams will be best for ages 6mo and up. If you're kiddo is under 6mo, as long as she can do tummy time  really good then she'll be fine :D

October ~ Family Field...

Family Field will be October 27th & 28th

I will open Family Field up for booking Sunday, September 30th @ 7pm on the blog.

The week prior to opening it I will announce the price and package :D

November LSU schedule is jammed packed so these will be on home gameday weekends, ugh! But The good thing is you don't HAVE to bring the hubs! lol Both these weekends will be the ONLY weekends I will have these set up.

November ~ Hard Candy Christmas...

Hard Candy Christmas will be November 10th & 11th

I will open Hard Candy Christmas & Santa up for booking Sunday, October 21st @ 7pm on the blog.

The week prior to opening it I will announce the price and package :D

November  ~ SANTA...

Santa will be November 17th & 18th
I wil open Hard Candy Christmas & Santa up for booking Sunday, October 21st @ 7pm on the blog.

The week prior to opening it I will announce the price and package :D


after Santa... that's it for pics for the year unless your child has a umbilical cord! lol That gives me time to get everyone's Christmas Cards done and to them to send out in ample time. The ONLY thing I shoot in December is newborns. So if your child's 6mo, 9mo or bday pics fall into that time, we need to do them prior or after. :D

Christmas Deadline is  Nov 20th...


This is my public service announcement lol
I always feel like if I wasn't a photographer and was a brand new mommy I would have NO idea when to do pics, so this is me trying to spread the word! hahah

I love to have newborns before they are 2 weeks old. They are still fresh and squishy and poseable and sleepy. So in order for me to get you into to that time frame I need to know about the baby as soon as possible :D I have been telling everyone to call me before they leave the hospital.
Oh course if you know prior that you'll be induced we can set it up before :D If you call me when your baby is already 2 weeks old, then that gives me no time to get them in, and If I don't have anything for 2weeks then the baby is creeping out of the age range to get the good squishy pics. I always try to squeeze in a newborn, but sometimes I just can't. So please please please call me as soon as they are born. Time flies, so whether you want me or another photographer to take your newborn pics, please do it when they are teeny tiny, cause you'll never ever get that time back. :D

PSA - over lol

whew k I THINK that's it for this lengthy blog. haha

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