Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a few things

1st of all I've been a bad bad blogger lol. But bout to play catch up. And if you see my sister around town remind her she needs to fix my Internet! haha

So if you are waiting on a blog, it sure is coming! yay!

2nd thing... you know that thing on the bottom of the website.... prices are subject to change without notice. Well this is that without notice haha. Actually they will be changed Monday. And I doubt you'll even notice, but just incase you have them memorized lol. Most of the change are new products.

new stuff.....

Metal prints

skinny softies

metal ornaments

address labels for invites

big bag tags

and a few new card sizes

I have all the stuff here and its way fabulous!!

I kinda restructured the packages and a few of the smaller prints are different prices. But again unless you have them memorized you prob wouldn't notice. Its not a shocker. lol

So I have new price lists that will be active Monday.

So with that i have been redoing the website, it's way over due. So as soon as all that's done I'll let ya'll know :D

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