Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lost Boys


Limited Edition Mini Session


April 28th
This will be the only weekend I'll have Lost Boys set up :D

1 ~ 8 x 10
2 ~ 5 x 7s
3 ~ 4 x 6s
8 wallets

Includes sitting fee for one person.
$10 per additional person in package.
Package includes one pose.
Additional Prints available at a la carte prices.

Session will last 10-15 minutes!

And will be lots of fun!!

so when I say Lost Boys I'm talking about the Peter Pan Lost Boys not the vampire Lost Boys hahah

and since you all think I forget about those boys its just a lil joke to call this the LOST BOYS heheh

so the jist of this is not Petery Panny... but kinda lol

Kinda like their lil camp ground and ALL boy!! I have a real deal tee pee for this. And lots of other boy stuff like fun boy stuff lol. I'm really excited about this one!! There will be other specials geared towards boys and girls but this will be the only all boy one!

and NO dress clothes! :D fun boy ... ALL boy clothes! no John Johns... cute boy clothes, polos, jeans shorts. Overalls would be super cute. Jeans with no shirt. camo pants. I don't care if you wear a coonskin hat like Davey Crockett! lol

It's just gonna ba a boy haven. If you have something you'd like to incooperate in your pics please feel free to bring in... guitars, toys, fishing polls or a family dog, etc etc. If you're unsure call me and well go over it. You can even throw daddy in a few pics.

This will open for booking online via the blog ... this Sunday night March 31st @ 7pm. I will just be doing Saturday, but if it fills up I'll add Sunday Afternoon.

Please be sure of your time before you book, as I can not change it afterwards. Even if I add Sunday :D

If you are doing cousins or friends pics and want individual pic of each kid, please book your sessions back to back, and I will get the together pic in between.

yay I'm really excited about this!

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