Thursday, February 2, 2012

Country Cowboy

or cowgirl,lol this will be gender neutral


Coming July 2012

Country Cowboy ~ Limited Edition Special

It's great for lil cowboys and cowgirls!

So I asked what ya'll wanted and alot of you said cowboy... which was funny cause I've had it on my list for a few years now. But I was unsure if I was gonna do it this year cause I am doing the Lost Boys with the tee pees. And was thinking they might blend together. But the more I thought about it, they are so different from one another.

Soooo we are having Country Cowboy this year! And that means my daddy gets to build a new outdoor set. I saw a pic of Dierks Bentley aka hotness on a lil rustic porch. So I'm gonna get me a lil rustic porch hahah. And of course its gonna be countryfied.

coun·tri·fied also coun·try·fied (kntr-fd)
1. Resembling or having the characteristics of country life; rural.
2. Lacking sophistication.

yeppers sounds right. I have lots of things already to decorate my new shack or the porch that should go on a shack hah. So it should be really cute.

So think.... Outside.Rustic.Country.Cowboy.

Some fun things you might wanna bring.
Daddy's boots or hat.
The kids boots or hat.
The kids or daddy's guitar.

You can really put any cute lil country outfit together. or a cute outfit with boots. Or nekkid with boots and booty :D

This will also be cute for family pics too :D

I will open this open closer to :D

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