Saturday, December 31, 2011


SO I didn't blog on Friday so someone could WIN!!!hehehe And Ashley B. did!! YAY

She called me at exactly 12:00am lol not 12:01 hah

I knew that from the beginning if I could make it through the year that I would let someone win at the end! But I didn't tell a soul! Not my BFFL or my sister lol.

She is very very excited and i want to thank everyone for following all year long!

and I also want ya'll to know that now that I'm in the habit of blogging everyday I will keep it up. But if for some reason I can't then I don't have to stress about it like I have ALL year long. hahah There have been plenty of nights I woke up panicking if I blogged. Or was in a situation that was hard to blog... out of town, no electricity, no Internet...etc! But now that's old news and soooo 2011 hahah.

But still keep up with the blog cause I will! :D

Hope everyone has a great New Year!!

And I have wondered how many people kept their resolutions like I did! heheh

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