Monday, November 14, 2011

The Smiths... Smith's? Jones' or Jonesessesses??

What wait??

So since I'm working on cards... lets talk about this ---> ' . A simple lil apostrophe that can make me & you look like a fool lol.

So most of the time I do cards "Love the Smith's" with an apostrophe

Some ppl have me change it, but when I don't do the apostrophe then they have me add it... it it all confused me to where I couldn't remember which one is right... So lets set the record straight!

So when I did my BFF's cards she told me to ADD the apostrophe. I told her someone had already told me to take it off and I didn't think it was supposed to be there, so we were both confused....

Then I got this email....

You were right!!!!........ (that sound's so great hahah)

she took the rest from the internet not sure where lol

In the English language, the apostrophe is used in only two situations: to indicate the possessive form of a noun or pronoun, and to mark the omission of certain characters, as in a contraction. One of the most common mistakes is using the apostrophe to indicate a plural. This mistake is often seen in the signature line of a family greeting, such as in the case of “love, the Smith’s.” No matter how much you want to add that apostrophe, no matter how cute you think it looks, for the sake of the noble apostrophe and grammar gurus everywhere, just don’t do it!


I often see an apostrophe when addressing the family's name, e.g., The Edmondson's. This is incorrect. You are addressing the entire family, a plural, not something they possess.

Be careful......

It becomes a bit more complicated when you have names ending in "s, sh, ch, x or z". In these cases you add an "es" to mean the entire family.

The Joneses

The Vixes

If this seems too strange, then you can do the following:

The Jones Family <---(which is what I do)

OK class is over!! lol Be sure to proof read cards when they are sent to you. :D

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