Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm BACK!!

back from Disney and It was great!!

(yes we wore dorky matchey shirts and it was awesome!!)

I'll post a more detailed blog about Disney later this week :D

But I wanted to update ya'll on orders.....

I am working on the last few cards today.

All cards will be ready on the 2nd... which is Friday!!

Oh Wait.... EVERYTHING will be ready by Friday!! OH

There might be a few exceptions... But plan on Pics and Cards being ready by Friday..

All frames might not be here by then, but I won't hold up on you picking up your pics.

I have a TON of boxes to go through.
(there are also 7 brown boxes about 4 times bigger then the one to the right outside)

That is ALOT of pics in those boxes! Imagine how flat pics are and how many pics each box can hold.

And there will be lots more boxes still coming :D

So it will take me a lil while to open, separate and go through all these. So PLEASE wait for me to call you to pick up :D I promise everyone will get theirs lol!

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