Friday, November 18, 2011


So It's 4am and I haven't went to bed nor will I for a few more hours... to work on pics. lol

but I wasnted to update ya'll on stauses....
everything is looking GREAT!

Here's a few answers to some predicted questions... lol

ALLL Christmas Cards will be ready by Dec 2nd.

There are a few proofs still to go but are fine for that date.

But everything looks great I've knocked a TON out! And I'm super excited about getting everyone their stuff!! So instead of my answering a million times... when will my pics be ready. The Offical answer is before Christmas hahaha. Thats to keep me safe for any delays lol. But I promise as soon as they get here and sorted I will call you to pick them up. Cause I don't want a whole lot of picking up pics deep into December lol. I got shopping and stuff to do! lol

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