Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emails, Messages, & Texts oh my

So I get in my email account, and the last 2 weeks of emails have disappeared. I know of 2 that I haven't responded to yet, and now can't. Hopefully Hotmail's support team can recover them. But until then if you haven't heard back from me... {by email, voicemail, whatever}, please call me back. Also Sometimes I get sidetracked very easy... okay ALL the time I get sidetracked very easily. And I sometimes wait till to call people back, but I do always call people back. So if for some reason you don't get a call back from me, it may be that I don't have your number. So ya'll call me back too! AND if you send me a text... let me know who you are hahahah, cause I rarely save numbers in my phone and it usually confuses me...hahaha
Thanks ~ Jamie

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