Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dylan's Senior Pics

I've been a bad bad blogger, but I'm back.... again. This year (the 24 days) , has been somewhat hectic for me. Days after the new year my brand new external hard drive crashed. Needless to say that has consumed more of my life than I'd like to admit. I finally feel like my routine is getting back to normal instead of me crying over lost files and trying to recover & organize them. The whole thing has been alot to handle. So if you missed getting in touch with me try again! LOL
So here is Mr. Dylan.
His session was the only one I completely lost everything from 'the crash of '09'. Which I'm kinda glad we reshot his pics cause he seemed more relaxed and brought his guitar this time. Which I loved!! We had alot of fun and got some wonderful shots... these are a few of my favorites!
Showing his Guns!
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Julie Cook said...

what great pictures of him. Sooo sad aobut losing everything but wayy for understanding people and fun pictures!