Thursday, December 11, 2008


What a wonderful way to wake up this morning! Both my sisters started calling me around 5 am! They were freaking out cause it was snowing so I peaked out my window but didn't see anything so I went back to bed. After a lil while, my sister called back for me to talk to Emma. I was thinking the whole time ...'why are they up, cause I didn't see snow?' So I went to my window again to see if maybe that was what all the hype was about..... and found myself amazed! WOW. What a wonderful morning. I have never seen snow here like this. I took lots of pics this morning thinking it would melt in a few hours, but its still here and still covering the ground! I love it!! I only wish I would've had someone here to peg with a snowball! LOL
Hope everyone has a great sneaux day!


The Manuel Family said...

You can come over here and I'm sure the kids will have a snowball war with you! They're outside building a snow fort right now with icecream buckets of snow!

Lori said...

the kids wanted to come play with ya..but the roads were too bad to come that far...bree had her snowball all ready for