Thursday, May 29, 2008

Maci is turning 2

I took Maci's pictures for her 2nd Birthday!! I dressed her in a spunky lil outfit! A leopard tutu (from KIDADORABLE in Denham) and a lil top & flower bow to match it!
It is no secret that Maci isn't the most cooperative kid to photograph, even for Aunt Jamie. Normally she won't look at me and she runs off or throws a fit. So imagine my surprise when she was a perfect lil angel. She sat in her chair, put her hands on her lap, she looked at me and was smiling. I was so impressed with her cause I know the ordeals with pictures and her in the past! hahah I always get cutie pie pics of her, but its a struggle.
It may have something to do with the fact that I came prepared for a battle!! We had balloons and a giant sucker. And I got a Pez dispenser to stick on the top of my camera so she would look at it, and when she was good give her a Pez!! It worked out great too cause it was a mouse and I would ask her what a mouse ate....and the answer was CHHHHEEEEESSSSEEE!!!
Maci with watching her turtle friend!
Maci's Custom Birthday Party invites!!
This is a 5x7 Gloss folded card. The prices for Custom Invites are on my website.
FrontInside folded down the Middle Back

Everyone STILL talks about the invites I did for her 1st Birthday, so I knew I had to out do those! Last year it was very hard to get some non~crying pics of her for the invite, but this year was a piece of cake! She's turning into such a big girl!!

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