Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter Wonderland ~ SANTA Day 2

ohhh today was soooo pretty and awesome and wintery and fantabulous!!
And Santa looked so lovely in his white suit!!

I have had a theory for the last few years about kids being afraid of Santa cause of his red suit! But that theory was shot down today... Red, White , Blue , purple or green.... some kids just are scared hahahah  But it still makes for great pics!! lol

I SOOOOO LOVE seeing everyones truck door pics for the contest! However... I'm quickly learning there's a flaw in my contest. lol SO if you're page or instagram is set to private, I can't see the hashtag! So if I haven't like the pic! Then I haven
t seen it, and I want everyone to have a chance to win!

So if I haven't like your pic yet, text me your instagram name so I can follow you and see it, or you can post it on FB to the fanpage :D

and I'll send texts as reminders tom , cause I want everyone to have a chance to win! :D

I had so much fun today!!

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