Monday, September 8, 2014

JLP FB posts

so for a while now I've noticed my FB posts don't reach alot of people, each post reaches a couple hundred people, out of the almost 5k likes I have.  And people tell me all the time they miss posts. It's very frustrating.

I also notice pages that I've liked I never see anymore.

FB apparently chooses what you see now cause they want businesses to pay to promote their page. Sorry FB I don't want to spend $1500 A MONTH for new customers... I DO however want customers who have liked my page to see when I post stuff! And I wanna see stuff I've liked, thats why I like them in the first place!

So if you want to see Jamie LeJeune Photography posts... or any other pages you've like.


I couldn't figure it out on the phone so I think you have to click it on a computer :D

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2014, if you catch me skipping a day win a$500 Gift Certificate!!

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