Wednesday, September 3, 2014


soooo My BRAND NEW computer went to the Dr. last night, only to be diagnosed with a failing harddrive! This computer is less than 6 months old! I'm not having a wonderful day lol
So just to put this out there again, from other computer related issues hah... I don't keep pictures from sessions on my computer. So nothing is lost. So nobody needs to freak out! hah
However it is how I work on pictures. I can't go back to my old computer cause it was fried by lightening. ugh!
So out of all the computers I use for mini sessions, My 10yr old pink computer with a broken screen is what I'm gonna have to use right now.... Why you ask ... cause it's the only one with photoshop. And being that Photoshop is several hundred dollars, I can't just go adding it all willyneely on every computer hah.
BUT this version is several years old, and so is the computer. So things aren't gong as fast as I'm used to. So this is my public notice that orders will prob be a lil late. And I may not be posting as many pics right now. But I'm gonna fully asses the situation tom. And hopefully my computer will come back sooner than later! and fast like lightening

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