Friday, June 6, 2014


so I'm sure if I had kiddos I would spend a ton of money on Zulily, well geez even without kids I do! haha

there is some really cute cute stuff on there right now  in these sections

and I throw a boy section in there cause I feel like they always get left out haha and theres some cute shorts and colored pants and hats a stuff in there

EVERYTHING is the Mustard Pie section is soooooo pretty! a lot is kinda fall colors, but you could buy early!! I love everything in there!

Lele has cute maxi dresses and several that would be cute for country picnic
and tailgating

poised and pretty  everything is sooo cute, but its not just one style of clothing and they have kids scarfs that I'm pretty sure I wanna see on a kid!! I think that would be he cutest thing ever  with lil shorts ha

go shop!! lol

and richie house
girlie couture and kana

and this
Green Verdant Floral Halter Dress - Infant, Toddler & Girls|1402118387141

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