Monday, June 16, 2014

The Importance of Family Photos Part 1

So this will be a 2 part blog, that I have wanted to write for a few years now. 
This first part is the funny part , tomorrow will be the sad part.
So before 1978 ( the year I was born) my parents and their children had family pics made what seems to me every 6mos hahaha. Ok maybe not that frequent but certainly once a year. Cause there's way more then these then these 2 I dug up!

Fast forward to the late 80's  I was around 9 or 10 in this pic! 
It took TEN years for me to get added into a family pic!! TEN years!! lol

so I probably don't have to preach about the moral here, cause pictures speak louder than words hahah  But I'm not the only one neglected here, my whole family clearly doesn't have pics for 10 years. I mean I for one would've like to seen my moms hair change during that time! haha  and I was dang cute at 5years old too! Do we have a pic of that??  um nope lol

of course me being the 3rd child its a running family joke about pics. Esp compared to my sisters piles professional pics to my ONE baby pic at 6mos in front of my uncle's brown velvet floral couch ( you know the one) on a purple blanket (that I peed on) with my other uncles feet in the pic... Oh well at least I have one! hahah

Point ~ make time for family pics cause I hear allll the time.... " its been _xx_ YEARS since our last family pics"

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2014, if you catch me skipping a day win a$500 Gift Certificate!!

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