Saturday, June 14, 2014

new junk

So as I started taking pics of the stuff, I realized it probably is only interesting to me hahah  Most of this stuff will be way cuter with babies so I only took a few pics and then the rest will be with babies later :D

so this stuff is layering for babies and to put in baskets and stuff. These will look way cuter with snuggly babies!!  And I made hats to match several of these
those wraps are to add to the dozens of other colors I have hahah
and there's several lace ones I didn't add to the pic

and new bowl lol

this is a hodgepodge... new hats, headpieces, blankets wings, banners etc

and another new bowl lol

I also made a canopy, some other banners and still making stuff. and new baby baskets lol and stuff is still coming in :D 

so just because I didn't shoot any pics in may doesn't mean I wasn't doing pics stuff hahah

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