Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Iphone cases

I wasn't planning on blogging about this today or maybe even in the random month but then it hit me..
so for 1 ~ I will never understand why apple makes a several hundred phone out of glass! lol
2 ~ I will never understand how soooo many people don't put cases on there phone!
probably half of the people you know have a busted phone! And chances are you've had a busted phone before!
so on to the cases that I sell..... not ONLY are they beautiful cause they have your babies on them!  Like this one with MY baby!!  BUT they are shatterproof!!
and I can promise you I drop my phone at least 4 times a day! mostly in the sunroom on the concrete! an I never worry about it!!
I NEVER have to take off the case for docking or headphones!!
I kinda love it!! :D
now if you are thinking mine looks scratched up... that's the way I designed this one hahah the top curves are a lil worn but not rough, like I said I drop it several times a day lol
I have several designs to pick from lately I just kinda pick my favorite for that pic lol

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