Wednesday, January 1, 2014

test test... it's 2014

ohhh the blog IS working! hahahh I feel like I haven't stopped long enough to sit a do a blog in awhile... so I have decided to blog daily again!

So to keep me in line.... if anybody catches me skip a day you can win $500 Gift Certificate! The first person to call me will win a $500 Jamie LeJeune Photography Gift Certificate! It could take 6 months, it could be tomorrow hahah! But if you catch me, call me and you'll get a gift certificate.

So just like in 2011 when I blogged daily, 2014 is gonna be the same!! And I have a feeling this Gift Certificate might get won a lil sooner, then when I skipped on purpose last time! Cause I almost forgot to post THIS!! hahah

So as part of my New Year's resolutions is DAILY BLOGGING!!!! YEP! EVERYDAY! lol. So I'll be catching up on some old ones, and have lots of new things coming. And I'll be posting the years specials in January!


Oh and keep in mind I'm a night owl, so most will prob get posted pretty late, but as long as it before midnight I'm good :D.... lol

Thank ya'll for a wonderful 2013, I'm looking forward to 2014!!!

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