Thursday, September 12, 2013

Candy Shoppe is now OPEN!

This will be the only weekend I'll have Candy Shoppe set up :D

1 ~ 8 x 10
2 ~ 5 x 7s
3 ~ 4 x 6s
8 wallets

Includes sitting fee for one person.
$10 per additional person in package.
Package includes one pose.
Additional Prints available at a la carte prices.

Session will last 10-15 minutes!

this is NOT Hard Candy Christmas but the original Candy Shoppe. Still great for Christmas pics but still everyday pics :D

Kiddos should be at least sitting up age or very good tummy time :D. I can dress the girls, Boys can come in bright fun colors

There is a  past Candy Shoppe album on FB, if you need ideas :D

Please be sure of your time before you book it, I can not change it afterwards.

There is be a $20 deposit upon booking. The deposit will be applied to your Candy Shoppe order. The deposit is non-refundable, no exceptions :D However if something comes up or your child gets sick you can give you spot to a friend :D

book here

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