Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter Wonderland ~ Nov 2013

Winter Wonderland ~ November 2013
I'm pretty excited about this new Christmas one! Partly cause I bought all new decorations for it! lol
So in my head I'm thinking Narnia meets my style lol! Prob with a touch of shabby.  White sneauxy winter wonderlandy...  but not like fake snow cheesy lol. Overall I'm thinking white, but I also bought a tree, its flocked and kinda crystaly. The decorations are crystal and light aqua and brown. And I also have some woodland type animals for it. And Some natural twiggy type stuff
I'll pin clothing ideas when I come across them, but of course, white, cream, light aqua and some other blues would work we'll and browns. And if you wanna really pop, Red looks great with these colors :D
My IDEAL outfit for a girl would be a white fur or cloak. Or really any fur or feathers.
Boys would be solid (above color) sweater and brown corduroy pants. Or a brown vest with a dress shirt. But theres gonna be lots of options. :D
I think this one will be stunning :D
More details and booking closer to

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Kelly Fasullo said...

Loving ALL of the upcoming session ideas - can't wait to get scheduled!