Sunday, February 24, 2013

Country Bath ~ July 2013

coming July 2013 ... Country Bath.

AND I am super excited about this one.

so here's the break down....

The porch from Country Cowboy, an old rusty kids size claw foot tub, and some nekkid booties!

It's gonna be super cute. AND this tub is fabulous! I went to an auction JUST for it!

So for the lil kiddos a lil nekkid booty baby outside the tub.

for around 2 year olds... prob a few booty outside the tub and then some playing in the tub.

then for older kids or if you don't want a booty pic of your kiddo, they'll be inside the tub, with a bathing suit but you prob wont see it.

There will be some age limits for this one... for babies they'll have to be sitting up and then prob 8yrs old max for kids.

This will be probably the only time I'll take pics before to show the set up, cause I have to decide if I'm gonna use water for the kids to play or not :D  I will use Emma who's 6 and prob a baby to show exactly what its gonna be. Cause I think its gonna be super cute for lots of ages.

So no need to stress about outfits, any bathing suits will be in the tub unseen. if you have a super fabulous swimsuit I may just it.  The few girl accessories that will be used, I'll have. Non potty trained kiddos need the lil swimmers diaper :D that's it

More Details closer to... and sample pics

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