Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Candy Shoppe ~ September 2013

Candy Shoppe ~ September 2013

Original Candy Shoppe not Hard Candy Christmas :D

Everyday pics not Christmas pics :D

However in a few days when I'm done posting the years specials, you'll notice that this year I'm not doing Hard Candy Christmas, BUT that's kinda why I'm doing this in September so If you did want bright fun Christmas cards but regular pics then you can use Candy Shoppe :D

So I can dress any girl prob under 10, and then boys need bright colors :D
Easy Easy cause you can see it right here. However by now you should know when I repeat specials I change them up a lil :D

I'm sooo excited cause I love me some candy shoppe!

More details and booking closer to

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MyYAL said...

Love these colors! There are so much good energy on the photos. And Kids are natural and happy.