Monday, January 30, 2012

Watermelon Truck~ June 2012


Coming June 2012

Watermelon Truck was sooo cute 2 years ago so I decided to bring it back. It's kinda self explainatory lol but if you can't picture it, its watermelons in the back of my blue

It's great for lil boys and girls!

Incase you've never seen them here are a few from last time :D




I will open this open closer to :D

Friday, January 27, 2012

Flourish ~ May 2012


Flourish May 2012

Flourish is not going to be a certain "theme" Just embellished outside pics. I'm thinking kinda like a pretty living room outside :D and fancy but not girly fancy just overthetop outside pics :D

you can really dress kids how ever for this it will be slightly colorful but kinda neutrally colorful. lol If that even begins to make sense haha

More details and pricing closer to :D

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lost Boys ~ April 2012


so when I say Lost Boys I'm talking about the Peter Pan Lost Boys not the vampire Lost Boys hahah

and since you all think I forget about those boys its just a lil joke to call this the LOST BOYS heheh

so the jist of this is not Petery Panny... but kinda lol

Kinda like their lil camp ground and ALL boy!! I have a real deal tee pee for this. And lots of other boy stuff like fun boy stuff lol. I'm really excited about this one!! There will be other specials geared towards boys and girls but this will be the only all boy one!

and NO dress clothes! :D fun boy ... ALL boy clothes!

So closer too I'll announce the price when and open it up :D This one is gonna be fun!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bunny Shoot 2012

I have changed the dates of Bunny Shoot to March 2nd, 3rd & 4th!

yes yes yes... Bunny Shoot will be the 1st special of 2012 :D

In case you don't know about Bunny Shoot.....

This will be the 5th year for Bunny Shoot and it's super fun!!

It's just your cutie pie kids dressed up in their Easter best playing with bunnies!!

Super sweet, super cute, super fun!

This will be the only weekend, I will be having bunnies.

Limited Edition Mini Session


March 2nd, 3rd & 4th

1 ~ 8 x 10
2 ~ 5 x 7s
3 ~ 4 x 6s
8 wallets

Includes sitting fee for one person.
$10 per additional person in package.
Package includes one pose.
Additional Prints available at a la carte prices.

Session will last 10-15 minutes!

And will be lots of fun!!

The basic set up for this is not an elaborate set, because the focus is your kiddos playing with the bunnies :D And any springy/Eastery outfits will work :D

I will open Bunny Shoot up Feb 12th @ 7pm


So this week I went to the Professional Photographer convention. It was fabulous and super close....New Orleans!!

I brought Shanna from Baby Eliza Boutique! 1~ to keep me company, 2~ cause she's so dang creative too I figured there might be some stuff she would want to see too!
And the more I thought it... she's a customer so she gave me lots of input from a customer stand point!

I got so many ideas for new products and things... my brain still is kinda on overload!

I got lots of great things too, new backdrops and props and stuff. When I checked out the hotel I'm sure the bellman was hating his job with all the bags he had to load in my truck ! lol

So when I got back home I started working on all kinds of new things. And honestly today has felt like Monday hahah. And geez if January is any indication of how fast the year is gonna fly by, I better hold on tight!

So if you wondering why I haven't posted the specials yet... I'm on creative overload! hahah So I'll start tomorrow.... but ***spoiler alert***.... Its gonna be Bunny Shoot! hahah

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'll break the silence......

So I know most of you are thinking that I'm already letting the blog go to waste hahha But I'm not. I already posted everything from 2011 and since I really just started shooting again for the year things just aren't ready to blog yet. And I have had such a great time not being bound to my computer lol. I'm trying to do things around the house that sometimes get neglected lol.

So instead of blogging about random things, I have been taking a liberating break from the blog hahha {but I have missed it a lil}

BUT Wednesday maybe Thursday I'll start posting the specials for the year. They do start with Bunny Shoot in March. So no Mardi Gras or Valentines specials :D

I have some really fun things in store for ya'll! And am super excited about 2012!!!

Hopefully I can stick to my resolutions like I did last year! Most are just some personal ones to better myself.

But one I'll share with ya'll is......
hahah hard to wrap your head around that hunh? lol Now I'm not totally giving up Starbucks. This is not Lent and I am not Catholic haha. But I have been not going twice a day and have went several days without out. lol

Hopefully all the others will go good too!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year!