Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Cards & a giveaway

I ordered a frame a long time ago to give away and I JUST figured out how its gonna be done.......

Anyone who orders Christmas Cards will automatically be put in a drawing to win a frame


its a 8x10 bronze one! My favorite!! :D

And if you ask very nicely you can have the pic of me & BIG!!! lol kidding whoever wins gets a pic in it too!

I'll draw for it November 17th and I get to pick the pic to put in it! :D

So I'm gonna give you the low down on cards.... cause with Hard Candy Christmas and Santa coming up I want ya'll to have some knowledge :D

~ I custom make each card to match your session & your style.

~ You can use pictures from a previous session or from a new one.

~ You pretty much tell me the size, and I kinda take over lol. You do get to see your card before I print it though :D . I love to hear if you have ideas though. And certainly design sessions around card ideas!

~ The deadline for ANY CHRISTMAS ORDER this year is November 16th.


~ Cards come in Sets of 24 and come with envelopes

~ They are available in 4 paper finishes
Some finishes are 25% extra, but super fancy!

Custom Cards & Announcements
4x8 $1.50 each min order 24
4x5.5 flat (2 sides) set of 24- $40
4x5.5 folded (4 sides) set of 24- $60
5x5 flat (2sides) set of 24- $65
5x7 flat (2sides) set of 24- $75
5x7 folded (4sides) set of 24- $85
5x5 scallop (2 sides)- $85
5x5 circle (2 sides)- $90
5x7 ornate cut (2 sides)- $95
5x7 Wide folded (4sides) set of 24- $100
5x5 trifold (6 sides) set of 24- $100
4x5.5 Accordion (8 sides) set of 24- $125
all cards include envelopes

5x5 flat (2 sides)



5x7 Flat (2 Sides)

5x7 folded (4 sides)


5x5 Trifold (6 Sides)



Accordion (8 Sides)


5x7 Ornate Cut (2 Sides)NEW SIZE

There are a few more sizes available, but these by far are the most popular for Christmas.

The Circle one will be great for Christmas too, It's not pictured by do have one here, its just not Christmas so I didnt want to post it lol. But it can come with a hole punched at the top to use it as an ornament.

whew thats alot of card info, but I think I covered it all. Feel free to call with with any questions 939-2062

Using your Photos on the web

About booking for the rest of 2011

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2011,if you catch me skipping a day win a
$500 Gift Certificate!!


Covington's said...

Thank you for the update :)
I do have one question though.... I reread your post so I hope I'm not asking a question you've already answered.
I see that cards will be ready on/around December 2, but what about our family field portraits? We only ordered portraits for our family.

btw...... I LOVE the Hard Candy set up. So wish we had the funds to do them too.

Thanks Jamie :)

Jamie LeJeune said...

Well trying to have eveything for beginning of December but have to make sure for cards lol. But everythings looking good :D