Sunday, April 3, 2011

Senior Style ~ ME lol

So I thought at the end of Senior Week, I would show MY Senior pics! lol

After a few hours of me trying to decide if I wanted to really post these I decided Whatever, so here they are!! lol.

Well lets start with what my Seniors get....

they get a proof book with their pics to order from...


their cover looks like this....


Had it been MY pics it would've looked a lil like this... hahaha



SR. '96!! geeeeezzz 15 years ago! lol

The red mirror pic was my FAVORITE!!! Now I can't stop laughing at it! The blank stare, the mirror glazing up my nostrils hmmm It was super cool then!

I also have a ROCKIN picture of my on a white bed holding a white teddy bear! lol but those pics are at my parents... aww man hehehe


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Jamie said...

Hahaha I have all the same poses! we should compare for fun! thanks for sharing!

Jennifer T said...

Love love love it!!!

Little Rylan Cooper said...

My senior pictures look just like yours!!! Mr Selser bless his heart he did a good job:). I love the progression of today's Senior pictures!!