Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rock On sassy pants

So babysitting my niece Emma {4} tonight. AND of course we HAVE to take pics!! lol

EVERY time she comes over we HAVE to take pics! It can be that she stops by to potty and sees all kind of stuff....
"Aunt Jamie I HAVE to take a picture with ALL those bears!"
{this pic was a while back}


So tonight she brought her sassy headphones. So I whipped up some pink and leopard flowers for her outfit lol. And we played!


how bout lets look at that next to Aunt Jamie! hehehe

I asked her "who's soooo sassy??"
She points to me! lol

then comes "I wanna wear a dress" lol

I had to cut her off after awhile lol. It could've gone all night! lol

she did have fun playing in all the headpieces and bows for awhile after too. Which makes Aunt Jamie mad mad cause she cries when I try to put anything in her hair! lol

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