Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I got a big box of fluff!! I'm soooo excited about it!! And it's multi purposeful... like for RAINBOW JUNK, Candy Shoppe , Vintage Lemonade , etc etc etc.

The great news is... I still have 2 more shipments of fluff to come! YAY

Some of the new stuff and things I have gotten will be for some of the other Specials too.


Yesterday I got 2 huge boxes and a lil one of stuff for Candy Shoppe!! *big smile
But it's not candy! hehehe Well the lil box is, but it's not for Candy Shoppe.

It's getting pretty fun around here!!


And at the end of last week I got TWELVE new backdrops in! I just started using them , so you'll start seeing pics soon :D

With all that and spring in the air, my yard blooming, it's just very fun and happy for me! :D

Look at this prettiness...



and then of course my baby boy, wanting to know why he can't come out the fence with me! PITIFUL!! lol

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2011,if you catch me skipping a day win a
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